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Our product team members provide excellent designs in mechanism, electron, electric-machinery, opto-electron, interactive sensors, communication, internet. 


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Guinness World Records: World's Smallest humanoid robot in producation is BeRobot, The BeRobot was manufactured by GeStream Technology Inc (Taiwan), including Robotic Technology, Education Robot, Industrial Robot, Servo motor, Robot Firmware, Software, Robotic module, Robotic Mechanism, Entertainment Robot, Toy, Robotic Development Platform, Transformer, Program, Remote control, expand, education materials, Interaction, Interactive, robot contest, robot cup

1.Software include: Graphic User Interface, Programming Language, Assembly, Microsoft Visual Studio, VB, VC, Visual Basic, Visual C, scratch, google blockly, BCB, App inventor, labview
2.several robots, such as Transformer, Robot Arm, Robot Dog, Robot Dinosaur, Robotic Scorpion, Robotic Crab, bio Builder with ROHS, EMI, EMC
3.our Robotic Education include: Mechanic Design, Electronic Design, Program Design, Automatic control, Mechanical and Electrical Integration, Interaction Sensor, Motion Exercise for University, College, High school, primary and elementary
4.Servo motor is Safe to use because of Low Power Consume, High Performance and High Precision with Dual Bearings, special IC designed to prevend overheat.
5.Its Expansion Module, Remote control module, Light sensor, touch sensor, distance sensor is easy to Carry with many Scienctific Experiment for Edutainment.
6.We hold many robotic competition cup, such as MRC2009, MRC2010, MRC2011, MRC2012, MRC2013, MRC2014, MRC2015, MRC2016, MRC2017, MRC2018, MRC2019, MRC2020, MRC2021, MRC2022, Robot Cup
7.Our AIOT robotic summer camp has the features of Creativity, High Technology, Balance, Control, Technology, Diagram, animation, online video, Environmental Protection, Educativa, Matemática, Computación, Robótica,Gripper

Gestream technology design and manufacture AIOT Robot, including Educational STEM Robot, Industrial Robot, Servo motor, Robotic Firmware, robotic Software, Robotic modules, Robotic Mechanism, Transformer robot, Entertainment Robot, toy robot, Robotic Development Platform, which has extendable extension modules embedded with expansion circuit that make our robot a very good product for the mechanical research studio or edTech developing scholars to buy. There are Robotic design and development platform with sdk, Programmable Remote control with robotic education materials, Interactive modules, DIY development kits with Robotic curriculum technology for our humanoid robot, pet robot, electric car, AGV, AMR robot, all of them are made in Taiwan.

GeStream get the Guinness World Records as GeStream manufacture the Smallest Humanoid Robot, which includes Program,Gear Module, Interaction, Basic, C, Assembly, Sensor, Controller, Micro, Processor, Chip, MCU, PIC, CPLD, FPGA, Arduino, ODM, Software. our Innovative Electronic Experiments and Educational Robot Classroom Course are much better than Lego Olympic Robot Cup and NXT Mind Storm. It is Science and Potential Impart rudimentary knowledge for beginner to initiate or enlighten.
BeRobot is a Patented robot which is very good for buyer to buy. It can be humanoid robot, teaching aid robot, Security or Surveillance, RC Remote Control Hobby Toy or Gif, such as Transformer, Iron man or Real Steel.
Where to buy robot and how to find good Robot shop for Robot DIY or Robot programming or help Custom to Customize it?
How to play robot with innovation? How to DIY STEAM mech prototype? How to develope drone? How to integrate 5G orange? besides, you can find distributer from Taiwan Supplier or Machine Facility or Exporter with its OEM Factory.
If you want to buy robot, build robot, design robot, DIY robotic Project or develop your robot building skill, you need to buy 8051, MCU, Android, Mechanical parts, Servo motor, Robot kits, robotic parts, Plastic.

the robotic competition or contest cup use Graphic User Interface to Program Language by Microsoft Visual Studio, VB, VC, Visual Basic, Visual C, BCB make the Transformer work as Robotic Arm, Robotic Dog, Robotic Dinosaur, Robotic Scorpion, Robotic Crab with 5G AI and IOT Education, Mechanic Design, Electronic Design, Programmable Design, any robot made in Japan?
BeRobot ask Astro, pleo, davinci, Johnny and robi to help assembly Asimo, iron man, transformer, steal man. Brother, Betax, huno, loid looks very happy because their friends Alpha, ez Robo, UBTECH, Robi, wish to learn super high technology from BeRobot. do you know the soft bank pepper? Microsoftware? kondorame? robonovation? hitechnology? mvstonely? lelegogo? dynamic? boston? kondo? Robotis? robonova? hitech? vstone? lego?